4 simple questions

Do you consume the recommended minimum 7 cups of fruit & veg per day??

Is your immune system at it’s best?

Are you sick too often with coughs, colds or gut issues??

Do your kids eat their fruit and vegetables?

Are your kids fussy eaters and pick up every illness from school?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please read on…. Juice Plus+ could be just what you’re looking for and just what you need.

Juice Plus+ offers a range of products to help your whole family… Fruit, vegetable and berry capsules…. Soft chews (great for kids or people who have difficulty taking tablets) and Juice Plus+ Complete, all natural, plant base protein powders.

Juice Plus Premium Capsules

For adults, Juice Plus+ is a convenient and inexpensive way to add quality GMO free fruit, veg and berries to your diet. It bridges that gap between what you actually consume and what is recommended per day.  The berry blend contains all the antioxidants you need to support your immune system and promote healthy skin and gums just to mention a couple of benefits.  By taking just 2 fruit, 2 veg and 2 berry capsules per day you are boosting your body to the best version of itself to fight and protect it from harm.

For children between the age of 4–13 years Juice Plus+ offers the Soft Chews that contain the equivalent of the adult fruit and veg capsules but in a gummie form. They are 100% vegetarian and the “chewiness” comes from natural fruit pectins, not gelatin.  The best news is your child can receive these for free if you order the Premium Capsules.

If you need to boost your gut health while adding extra nutrition to your diet, the Juice Plus+ Complete all natural powdered drink sachets can provides that balance. It’s made from 100% natural plant based nutritional sources just like the all Juice Plus+ products. This product has 13 grams of protein (the good plant based type not the whey form), almost 8 grams of fibre less fat and sugar and fewer kilojoules per serving. This product has not only probiotics but also prebiotics that is essential for your gut health.